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Shoot in Any Direction and You'll Hit a Bastard

A deranged Union officer tracks an infamous gunfighter to recover a fistful of dollars. Not even the territory’s most ruthless bounty killer can stop the mad Colonel’s bloody trail through the American Southwest. Learn More

Fist of Guanto

Mutilated and left for dead, a reclusive gravedigger awakens to find his dismembered hand replaced by a fantastic weapon. He combs the Mojave Desert seeking vengeance… and his fingers. Learn More

Swords of Sandromeda

A nomadic orphan with nothing but a teddy bear and a sword finds herself fending off barbarous marauders while questing after an elusive artifact under the triple-suns of planet Sandromeda.

Gunmetal Gray and The Casket Kidd

An original rock opera that tells the linear tale of an eight-foot tall mechanical man that cries .45 caliber bullets and a peg legged albino Paiute as they traverse the weird west in an effort to vanquish an arch-vampiress via a fabled super weapon. Learn More

Dinosorceress Pictures


Passion project genre pieces that weep laugh in the face of commercialism.
Void of social commentary, humanitarian point of view and heavy meaning.
Films that dare to exist solely to entertain.


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